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Complete blogging guide: From identifying a suitable domain name to making blog live – here are the best ways to upgrade your blog to make it more productive.

Get your niche.

Proper niche selection is at the top of the list, and rightly so, because this is the basic for building blog.

Selection of Blogging platform.

More customization means better performance. It is essential that with proper tools and more customization in blog you get a better performance. In past few years, Blogger customization appears to have improved. WordPress, blogger, Tumblr Medium, Weebly, Ghost and others.

Be creative with blog content.

Content is the key of your blog topic which you are targeting.

Copying others can turn out to be banning you blog and not ranking blog on Google.

The content of your blog should always be original. It’s best to try out new ideas for content that is useful, creative and unique.

Also, sharing your new ideas on blog may encourage you to commit to this exciting venture, and also inspire others to join it.

Domain Name selection in blogging.

How to choose a suitable domain name.

If you’re newbie and it’s your first blog. Your domain address reflects your level of professionalism. Avoid complicate domain name.

Choose a Domain name of your blog, that is too short, simple, easy to remember, avoid numbering. Your domain name should be SEO friendly.

Always use professional domain name. You will never get a negative impression from any one. Also it make easy for user to find your domain name within their search engine.

Avoid a spam friendly domain name.

Before choosing a domain name, look through your view. Note the kinds of domain names that are found there. Make sure that your’s domain name does not look similar in type.


Choose the hosting that inject smoothness and speed into blog and your user interface feel energised.

Gear Up SEO in blogging

What is SEO in blogging?
Want your site to rank high in the search engines?


A blog is ineffective without the right SEO setting & tools. Better SEO setting help your blog for organic search, that elevating Google rank.

Search Engine optimization is not the most important thing on the internet, but if you make a lot of mistakes then it may be difficult for the search engine to understand yours website.

Want your blog to rank high in the google, then you have to optimize your blogger seo setting.

To discuss how to optimize blogspot , use advance seo setting, which also covers avoiding blog mistakes.

Better Themes Customization.

Between better user interface and blog appropriate stucture.

In such a scenario, a proper theme setup is always advisable. With that in the mind, choose a light weight amp and seo friendly theme.

Choose Right plugin.

Blogging platforms like wordpress have incorporated plugins to enhance the blogging experience.

Right plugin are always needed for better productivity.

Now day’s all moving towards smart tool, this will make work more efficient.

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