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Blogger seo guide

Many are struggling to deal with Blogger (BlogSpot) SEO and still adjusting to seo settings in blogger. We have all been through a lot. What seems important right now is optimizing SEO of blog and website.

Do you find yourself thrown into a tough situation or feel like you have no solution, will and the means to follow a proper guidance. If all you can manage to do is optimize your Blogger SEO setting, it’s okay.

Your Blogger (BlogSpot) SEO should have everything it need to rank on Google optimally.

How does it work?

for more information what is seo and how does it work in hindi, seo optimization blogspot. Checkout our Latest Post on Blog SEO in Hindi.

Now, how to optimize blogspot in order to avoid seo blogspot mistakes.

Blogger (BlogSpot) SEO setting

  1. Templates
    • In in terms of lightweight and fast loading, amp BlogSpot templates are much better than others.
    • Default blogger templates are with limited customization.
  2. Title & Description
    • it will come as no surprise that writing a more attractive and optimized title can help your blog to rank better on Google. So, Blog Title must be within 65 character.
    • Description length should be within 500 character, according to blogger.
    • Keywords in title helps to optimize your SEO. So, try to use targeted keywords.
    • Blog-title, Blog-Description, Meta-title, Meta-Description, SEO, On-Page-SEO,Blogger-SEO, Blogspot_SEOitle
  3. Meta Tags:
    • Enable your Blogger Meta Tag and search description
    • Your Blogger Meta Tag description should be within 150 words.
    • Blog-Meta-tag, Blog-SEO-Meta-search-Description
  4. Robot txt
    • Robots.txt file is also responsible for indexing blog which allows the search engine’s bots to crawl certain pages of your website.
  5. Sitemaps
    • Sitemaps involves systematic listing of urls and informing search engine about the pages that are available to crawl.
  6. Visible to search engine
    • Ensure that your blog should be visible for allowing search engine to find your blog.
  7. HTTPS redirect.
    • Ensure that user visits to HTTP redirect to HTTPS
    • Because, maintaining a secure connection is an effective way to hold your data encrypted between user and server.
    • Better secure connections can be made if we know what are difference between http and https.

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