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The good news is that you can always fix it by ditching the error and switching to good solutions. How to avoid blog – blogging mistakes.

Underestimating the power of blog content or niche.

It doesn’t matter how long you take to pick your niche, your choice of niche will determine how others perceive your blog.

If you don’t understand your niche selection, you might end up with spending time that don’t even describe you. So, avoid your content mistakes.

Blogging mistakes Solution

Content or niche play key role in successful blogging. Know the interest, Don’t choose randomly.

If you know your niche, you’ll be able to notice its quality. Create unique content, Avoid copying others content.

Not knowing your Domain and hosting.

In appropriate Domain and hosting can affect the appearance on Google search.

Blogging mistakes Solution

If you are newbie, Know the domain name. Keep it simple, short and seo friendly, avoid numbering. Instead of experimenting expensive hosting, you can go for budget hosting, but avoid going for the one too cheap.

Not optimizing your blog SEO.

Writing content every day shouldn’t be the end of your blog. SEO is rich in setting that enhance your ranking on Google. Lack of SEO knowledge prevent your content from reaching to organic search results.

Expert Solution.

Blog professionals say that the the primary focus on SEO improve web page rank and organic traffic.

Checkout latest SEO setting for blogger SEO, wordpress SEO, SEO in hindi.

Ignoring page speed

Page speed may or may not be a part of your plan, but loading time will definitely reduce your ranking and organic traffic results. They might start lowering you search results.


The best way to keep you blog smoothly use light speed theme, cache, better optimzation, good hosting.

Avoiding Audience.

If you don’t want to loose audience, google ranking, organic traffic, then ensure that ayour content must be authentic and trustworthy.

Keep your blog interface user friendly.

Blogging mistakes that can ruins your blog especially if you’re are newbie.

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